Verstappen Eyes Understanding of RB20 Over Record Season

Verstappen Eyes Understanding of RB20 Over Record Season


Red Bull unveiled its new F1 car for the 2024 season, the RB20, this Thursday in Milton Keynes. The single-seater is an aggressive evolution of its predecessor, with Max Verstappen cautious about predicting its performance. The Dutchman is keen to get behind the wheel next week.

“Time will tell, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s always exciting to see a new car come to life, getting the seat fit done. But I’m eager to head to Bahrain, test the car, get comfortable with it, understand its needs, and work from there,” Verstappen stated.

“It’s going to be a very long season. We’ll try to be competitive from the moment we hit the track, as much as possible. We’ll aim to understand the car well and see where that takes us.”

Sergio Pérez, who finished as the runner-up in the world championship for the first time in his career in 2023, is now hoping for a strong season. The Mexican driver is excited to hit the track and believes the RB20 will be an improvement over its predecessor.

“I’m thrilled to see the team has come up with an incredible concept, and now I can’t wait to hit the track. We’ve made good steps in the right direction, so it should be a good season for the whole team,” Pérez concluded.

Verstappen is not expecting a ‘record-breaking season’ in 2024

Max Verstappen is set to fight for a fourth consecutive world title with Red Bull, whose brand-new RB20 was unveiled this Thursday evening. The Dutchman is eager to truly discover his new F1 car but doesn’t aim to outdo his 2023 performance.

“I feel good, just like last year, happy to get back in the car and see how competitive it will be,” Verstappen said. “Last year was incredible, so it will be hard to replicate something similar.”

“But that’s not entirely the goal either. We want to win races, we obviously want to win championships, but it doesn’t have to be a record-breaking season.”

The triple world champion shares his thoughts after seeing the Red Bull RB20 in person: “It looks beautiful, but the main goal is for it to be fast, and we’ll see about that in Bahrain during the tests.”

Red Bull Racing is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Verstappen has been a significant part of this history: “I’ve been here for nearly half of Red Bull’s time in F1, and it’s like a second family to me. I’ve grown up here, and it’s thrilling for the future, to see what we can achieve together moving forward.”

Pérez Aims to “Improve in Every Aspect”

Sergio Pérez is set on advancing and demonstrating that the challenges he faced in 2023 are behind him. He expresses gratitude towards Red Bull for their continued trust as he enters his fourth season with the team.

“It’s a special day for the team and I’m very motivated,” Pérez stated. “I’m eager to see what we can achieve this year. I aim to improve in every aspect and take another step forward.”

“Being part of a team that’s made its mark in Formula 1 history, I’m thrilled to be part of this Red Bull family. It’s a great opportunity, and I’m very happy to be with this team. This being my fourth season, I feel at home here and want us to have a successful season.”

The Mexican was impressed by the RB20 upon seeing it in person but is particularly keen to see its performance on the track: “It’s a very aggressive concept, with many changes visible. We’ll see how it fares once we hit the track.”

Christian Horner, the team principal, was pleased to showcase the actual RB20, rather than a model or last year’s car as in previous years, noting that presentations were held earlier relative to the season.

“It’s not often we present the actual car, and today’s is the one we’ll have in Bahrain next week. But with testing so close, we felt this was the best approach,” concluded the Briton.

Verstappen Eyes Understanding of RB20 Over Record Season. F1 2024 Verstappen Eyes Understanding of RB20 Over Record Season. formula 1 Verstappen Eyes Understanding of RB20 Over Record Season

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