Red Bull RB20 2024 unveiled its brand-new F1 car

Red Bull’s RB20: New Hope for 2024 F1 Glory


Unveiling the RB20, Red Bull targets its fourth drivers’ and third team title with Verstappen and Pérez at the helm.

Red Bull unveiled its brand-new F1 car for the 2024 season, the RB20, this Thursday in Milton Keynes. This is the race car Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez will drive, aiming for a fourth consecutive drivers’ title and a third successive team championship.

Red Bull RB20 2024

The RB20 maintains the same livery as its predecessors, featuring the matte dark blue and the now-familiar yellow and orange logo seen on Red Bull Racing cars since 2016. This suggests that the next identity shift might coincide with Ford’s entry in 2026.

Red Bull RB20 2024

In terms of design, the RB20 incorporates elements from the RB19, including the outermost parts of the side pods and the top of the engine cover, as well as suspension settings similar to the 2023 car.

However, there’s a drastic change in aerodynamics, highlighted by a significant cannon cooling system on the top of the engine cover, reminiscent of Mercedes’ unsuccessful attempt with its W14 last year. This likely indicates Red Bull has managed to channel a greater amount of aerodynamic downforce through this upper section.

The side pod inlets are exceptionally slim and feature an upper winglet, a design also apparent on the McLaren MCL38, though not much has been revealed about it. The nose also undergoes changes with a duckbill tip and a nose that dives down to the lowest part.

An “incredible journey” now in its 20th year

Red Bull RB20 2024

Red Bull aims to secure more world titles, both for the team and its drivers, as the team celebrates its 20th season in Formula 1.

“It started 20 years ago, and looking back at those videos, we all looked younger! It’s been an incredible journey, these 20 years have been phenomenal. There have been ups and downs, but more ups,” said Christian Horner, the team’s principal, during the RB20’s launch.

“This is a pivotal year in the team’s history. Over the past two decades, Red Bull has managed to transform the landscape of Formula 1 by committing to doing things differently, dedicating to hard work and racing even harder, and focusing solely on competing for the sport’s highest honors.”

“We’ve been fortunate to do this on multiple occasions, and seven drivers’ titles, six constructors’ championships, and 113 race wins to date reflect the success of Red Bull’s vision for the team.”

RB20 Launch: Red Bull’s Championship Aspiration

“The latest chapter of this story begins today with the RB20. The season promises to be exciting and highly competitive, but as we saw last year, this team is in peak form.”

“With Max and Checo, we have two drivers who can perform on any circuit and under any conditions, so I’m confident that, as we have over the past 20 years, we can compete for podiums, wins, and hopefully championships.”

“The men and women here in Milton Keynes, behind the scenes, make this team what it is. The late nights, the hard hours… there’s an inclusive culture, a team culture, and that’s a huge asset for the team.”

Horner praised his team’s efforts to reach this level since the beginning of the hybrid era: “It was a challenging time for the team, testing us as we came off four years of dominance with Sebastian Vettel and, due to factors beyond our control, had an engine that didn’t allow us to win.”

“But we managed to pull together as a team, staying united, and thanks to this, we didn’t lose any key team members. And when we were again in a position to be competitive, we were able to return to the highest level.”

Red Bull RB20 2024 unveiled its brand-new F1 car. Red Bull RB20 2024 unveiled its brand-new F1 car


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