Verstappen Horner Team Unity

Verstappen, Horner Deny Tension Rumors in F1 Team


Max Verstappen and Christian Horner have dismissed rumors of discord, affirming their solid partnership ahead of the F1 season.

Max Verstappen and Christian Horner have refuted recent reports suggesting tensions between them.

When questioned about potential friction with Max and Jos Verstappen, Horner stated, “No, not at all. I was with Jos and Max at Silverstone a few days ago.”

“Max is highly focused on his job. He’s been very supportive of me, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming season with him.”

“There will always be speculation, but we stand united as one team. That’s how we’ve always operated and how we continue.”

Verstappen, Horner Unity Defies Rumors

Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, described his relationship with his team boss as “normal.”

“It’s very good. I don’t know who likes to write these things. Christian and I, it’s business as usual. We’ve met several times, I was in the simulator, he was there for the shakedown too. We’ve achieved a lot together, so nothing suddenly changes.”

“For my part, I’m very focused on preparing, staying fit, and being ready to drive the car. Talking with the engineers, about what you want to do. Moreover, my life isn’t just Formula 1, and I don’t follow all the speculation. I prefer not to think too much about F1 outside my scheduled training.”

“There’s a lot happening in the background for me and also what I want to do in the future. Also, on the virtual side of things I’m working on, so I’m quite busy.”

Verstappen adds that the team atmosphere is “good” as Red Bull aims to build on a record 2023 season with even more success in 2024.

“Everyone is motivated again. Of course, we’re all very proud of what we’ve achieved in the past years, but we’re also very excited about what we’ve achieved with this car in terms of development. We’re just eager to start the season and, hopefully, to compete for victories again.”

Verstappen Horner Team Unity. Verstappen Horner Team Unity


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