Verstappen Wishes Hamilton Success at Ferrari

Verstappen Wishes Hamilton Success at Ferrari


Max Verstappen hopes for Lewis Hamilton’s successful move to Ferrari, marking a significant shift in F1 dynamics.

Max Verstappen says he hopes Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari will prove to be a “success” as he gave his reaction to his great rival’s shock decision.

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, is leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari on a multi-year contract in 2025 after deciding to activate a termination clause in his current contract. This move has shocked the F1 world and has widely opened up the driver’s market.

Verstappen publicly spoke for the first time about his 2021 title rival’s decision during the launch of Red Bull’s RB20 tonight.

“Ultimately, if someone wants to drive for Ferrari, and especially someone like Lewis, who has achieved so much, if it’s his dream and goal… We don’t know the discussions they’ve had at Mercedes or Ferrari, what has been promised, if something is coming, or otherwise.”

“So, you can’t give a fair assessment, not from our part anyway, on why he made this decision. But if he’s happy with that decision, then he should go for it. It will look cool, and of course, I hope for them that it will be a success. But we don’t know right now.”

When asked if he ever dreamt of driving for Ferrari, Verstappen, who is contracted with Red Bull until the end of 2028, answered: “I don’t know. I don’t want to sound disrespectful or anything. I have a lot of respect for the Ferrari brand, but I’m very happy with the current situation.”

Verstappen Content, Eyes Life Beyond F1

“I feel comfortable in the environment I’m in, so it’s not something I’m looking to change or anything. In my life, I know from experience that you never say never, but with things as they are right now, no, it’s not even in my head.”

“But again, it’s just Formula 1, and I also want to do more things other than Formula 1 afterwards.”

However, Verstappen expects that Mercedes F1 will keep things from Hamilton.

“Announcing something so important so early in the season is definitely a bit awkward for the rest of the year. Even if you’ve had a lot of success together, you can’t be included in all the meetings anymore. Lewis obviously has excellent relationships with everyone, especially with Toto (Wolff), but he also knows that at some point Toto will definitely tell him ‘You can no longer participate in certain meetings.'”

“It’s normal in Formula 1. It’s probably a bit weird. But you’re professional enough to handle that. It’s just that you know at some point, you can’t share certain things. But once he’s sitting in the car, they will of course be fully behind him.”

Verstappen Wishes Hamilton Success at Ferrari. Verstappen Wishes Hamilton Success at Ferrari

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