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Horner’s Future at Red Bull: Support Wanes Amid Rumors


Christian Horner faces critical times as support within Red Bull dwindles, with key figures and speculation mounting about his role.

Horner is said to have lost support from the Verstappens and Newey. His future is being decided from tomorrow at Red Bull. Speculation is rife in the Netherlands and England about the fate of Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing, who is due to meet with his management tomorrow following allegations of inappropriate behavior.

We have never mentioned the rumors about the nature of these allegations because they remain, at this stage, rumors, sometimes very contradictory, ranging from one extreme to the other according to the media.

What is certain, however, is that Horner’s future is at stake in the coming days.

Dr. Helmut Marko has remained silent amidst this affair but praised yesterday again the fact that “Horner has done an excellent job over the years”.

Bernie Ecclestone, very close to Horner, has kindly advised his British compatriot behind the scenes. Horner refuses to resign.

But how did the affair break out in the Netherlands? According to the rumor, Horner had a falling out with Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, with the Dutch camp already much more aligned with Austria and Marko. And that’s how the news of this ongoing internal investigation came out in the media.

And Horner may also have lost the personal and contractual support of Adrian Newey. Social media users have noticed that Newey’s wife, Amanda, has “liked” a post on X linking her husband to a move to Ferrari if Horner were to be fired.

“This is now your chance to erase those regrets (of never having worked for Ferrari), Adrian”, reads the comment Amanda liked. But Sport1 reports that the friendship between Newey and Horner is “broken” following this affair, casting doubt on Newey’s departure in the short or medium term.

Horner’s Fate: Thai Support vs Austrian Dissent

It’s important to note that Horner could still enjoy the support of the non-Austrian owners’ camp of Red Bull, the Thais, who control 51% of the energy drink brand.

“I have the feeling that the Austrian part really wants to get rid of Horner, especially with this issue,” said Erik van Haren, Dutch journalist for the Telegraaf, who revealed the affair.

“I think the Thai owner is still on Horner’s side for now. In the end, he has the most important voice.”

Jonathan Wheatley (pictured below), long-time sporting director of the Red Bull Racing team, is strongly linked to Horner’s position if he were to be ousted, but another candidate for this position has also emerged.

The London newspaper Times stated that the post-Horner team could actually be led by Oliver Mintzlaff, who, along with Mark Mateschitz, is in charge of Red Bull’s Austrian operations following the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz at the end of 2022.

Horner continues to deny these allegations, whose precise nature remains vague, let’s clarify, calling them “mad” when the Daily Mail managed to reach him. This is the only comment he made before tomorrow’s meeting.

F1 2024 Horner Red Bull Future. F1 2024 Horner Red Bull Future

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