Vowles Critiques Team Names

Vowles Slams Sauber, AlphaTauri Names for Legacy Loss


James Vowles stands firm on preserving Williams F1’s legacy, criticizing Sauber and AlphaTauri’s new, sponsor-driven names.

James Vowles would never sell Williams’ naming rights to the highest bidder, emphatically stating that only “a fool” would abandon such a name’s legacy.

The Williams F1 team principal thus sharply reacts to the issues raised by the new names of Sauber and AlphaTauri for 2024, solely dedicated to their sponsors.

Sauber was a historic name; the Hinwil-based team first raced at the South African Grand Prix in 1993. It will be known as “Stake F1” for most of the season, but in some races, it will switch to “Kick Sauber” due to gambling regulations.

The other new name is for Red Bull’s junior team. Formerly known as Scuderia Toro Rosso and then AlphaTauri, this year it goes by the highly criticized nickname of “Visa Cash App RB.”

It’s a name that has not been well received by fans or the media, who at least expected the Italian team to officially acknowledge that RB stands for Racing Bulls (the name of the company).

Vowles Commits to Preserving Williams Legacy

“I think Williams is one of the greatest brands, certainly in motorsport and definitely in the UK. I don’t want to change it, nor does Dorilton, because it means a lot,” says Vowles, also expressing the American investors’ intention.

“Frank Williams and his legacy remain in us. And you see it on the livery too, if you look, you’ll see his arrow subtly integrated.”

“I really wanted his mark on the car, I wanted to reflect that I’m not here to replace him, I’m here to carry on Williams’ legacy. It’s a huge legacy. Nearly 50 years of cars that have produced many champions.”

“It would be a fool to get rid of it, why would you? It’s one of our strengths against all the other younger teams on the grid.”

“Today, I still don’t know AlphaTauri’s new name. I was present at the F1 commission earlier, and they mentioned it, but it doesn’t matter. Something weird, that’s their new name.”

“And that’s part of the problem, it doesn’t have a legacy, it doesn’t carry weight in my mind. You create a legacy through championships, growth, through a huge amount of people who believe in you and follow you.”

“Williams means a lot to me. It’s the first team I really followed, and it’s the name I want to keep because it’s a strength.”

Vowles Critiques Team Names Sauber and AlphaTauri. Vowles Critiques Team Names Sauber and AlphaTauri

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