Horner addresses probe queries at Red Bull

Horner addresses probe queries at Red Bull


Amid internal investigation, Christian Horner stands firm at the RB20 launch, addressing media queries with a focused yet evasive stance.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing Team Principal, made it a point to attend the launch of the RB20 despite being the subject of an internal investigation.

Just before the event, he met with the media and agreed to discuss the issue. However, evasiveness was clearly the order of the day.

Here are the questions and responses posed to him on this matter.

You’ve just completed a record-breaking season, but obviously, there are things happening in the background, a lot of speculation. Is this a distraction, is there a kind of uncertainty hanging over the team as this season approaches?

Inevitably, there’s been a distraction, but the team is very united, and everyone is focused on the upcoming season, so business has proceeded as usual. The support has been fantastic.

Personally, how are you feeling? Is this a distraction for you?

Firstly, I obviously deny the allegations that have been made. Naturally, my main focus is on the upcoming season. Everything is proceeding as normal. There is, of course, an investigation to which I am fully cooperating and working on.

I cannot comment further than that. This is a private process of the company, but we hope it will be concluded in the near future.

But this is happening in the background, during the preparation for the upcoming season…

The first race weekend is in two weeks from today. You mentioned distractions earlier, do you think this will affect the team in any way if things are not finalized by then, when we start the Grand Prix?

The team is gearing up for the upcoming season, and we are in good shape, fully focused on racing. We’re looking forward to being in Bahrain next week to see the RB20 run, and the only thing that’s capturing everyone’s attention is the car. We are very united and together in this mindset.

We’ve seen this lengthy preparation in the launch’s introduction, all the success you’ve had with the team – personally, this must be a concern for you?

I’m very much focused on the year ahead and the races that await us. I think the whole team is extremely proud of what we’ve achieved over the past 19 seasons, but it’s always about what’s in front of you rather than what’s behind you, but with great pride in what we’ve done in 19 years as we enter our 20th season.

There have been great moments, highs, real highs, some lows, but exceptional performances.

You mentioned that the team is “united.” Is the entire organization united? Because we also read the speculations and rumors that there’s a division between the Austrian camp on one side, Helmut Marko on that side as well, and Red Bull Racing on the other.

We are very united. We’ve always enjoyed considerable support from the shareholders since the passing of Dietrich Mateschitz. The shareholders have been incredibly supportive. And you can see the level of investment here on the campus, with the Red Bull Powertrains coming up. We are one team.

Operationally, for you, while this process is ongoing, is everything business as usual?

Everything is proceeding normally.

NB: No comments from the drivers on the investigation

Both drivers have refused to answer questions about Horner, logically according to Max Verstappen.

“It comes from the team. Anything you’re going to say can of course be interpreted in a certain way. So maybe it’s better to say nothing for a while.”

Horner addresses probe queries at Red Bull. Horner addresses probe queries at Red Bull. Christian Horner addresses probe queries at Red Bull


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