Hulkenberg Haas 2025 Focus

Hülkenberg Clarifies 2025 Joke, Focuses on Season


Nico Hülkenberg addresses the confusion surrounding his 2025 contract joke, emphasizing his focus on Haas F1’s 2024 season and future prospects.

In the days following the unveiling of Haas F1’s 2024 livery, Nico Hülkenberg found himself at the center of a misunderstanding after joking about having already signed his 2025 contract. Having denied it, he clarifies that for now, he wants to focus on the upcoming season start before discussing contracts.

“It will happen over time. A lot has already happened, but, of course, much more will happen in the coming months,” Hülkenberg stated today at Silverstone, during a break in the shakedown.

“It somewhat depends on how we perform in the first five or six races.”

“What is the quality of the package? What can I do and achieve with it? It’s a bit out of my control. I just want to make the most of 2024 and present myself in the best possible light. Then, everything else will fall into place. I’m in my 13th year of my career.”

Hülkenberg’s Determination Amidst Haas Evolution

“I know I’m not in a top team, nor in a top car, but I just have to make the best of it. I want to try to make progress with Haas and do my best for myself and recommend myself for other tasks – or maybe for a future here. Everything is possible, everything is open.”

Steiner “built the whole concept” of Haas F1

The German also reflected on the departure of Günther Steiner, replaced by Ayao Komatsu as the team’s head: “I got a call from Gene between Christmas and New Year. He informed me of his decision, which was surprising, I did not expect it and did not see it coming at all.”

“Since then, I’ve spoken to Günther several times, and it’s always nice to talk with him. I have good relationships with him, both professionally and personally – he’s largely responsible for my return to F1.”

“He opened the door for me, and it’s partly for that reason that I regret his departure, but it’s Gene Haas’s decision, and we’re going to move forward. Günther has made a significant contribution to the team commercially, and it’s no secret that the Netflix series has become a huge success, partly thanks to him.”

Hülkenberg Haas 2025 Focus. Hülkenberg Haas 2025 Focus

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