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Ayao Komatsu: Haas F1’s New Director – An Unseen Force?


Ayao Komatsu, the New Haas F1 Team Director: A Glimpse into His Journey. At 47 years old, Japanese national Ayao Komatsu has traversed a career path through BAR and Renault, now stepping into the role of Haas F1 team director.

While Komatsu might not be a household name for every Formula 1 enthusiast, he has been somewhat of an unsung hero during his two-decade tenure in the premier class of racing. However, he is now poised to step into a spotlight far brighter than anything he has experienced to date.

So, who is this 47-year-old Japanese individual, now at the helm of the 10th and final team on the grid?

Komatsu represents yet another example of a Formula 1 engineer climbing the career ladder to a team director position. This trajectory mirrors recent success stories like Andrea Stella at McLaren F1 and, a few years back, Mattia Binotto at Ferrari.

Before taking over from Gunther Steiner, the original team director since Haas F1’s inception, Komatsu had previously honed his skills as a mechanic and engineer, later transitioning into managerial roles within F1.

Ayao Komatsu: Engineering Mastermind Behind Haas F1’s New Era

Komatsu’s Formula 1 journey began in 2003. After moving to England for his education, he graduated from Loughborough University and joined BAR – the Brackley-based team that would eventually evolve into today’s Mercedes. At the time, BAR was the sole client and partner for Honda’s engines in Formula 1.

Komatsu’s Path to Haas F1 Leadership: From Renault F1 to Trackside Engineering Director. Ayao Komatsu continued his Formula 1 journey by joining Renault F1 at Enstone in 2006. His initial focus was on tyres during the era of the intense “tyre war” between Michelin and Bridgestone. Following the end of this rivalry and the shift to a single tyre supplier, Komatsu expanded his expertise through various broader engineering roles.

During his decade-long tenure at Renault F1, which eventually became Lotus, Komatsu served as the race engineer for Vitaly Petrov and Romain Grosjean. His success in these roles led to a promotion to Chief Race Engineer.

As Grosjean moved to the newly-formed Haas team at the start of 2016, coinciding with Renault’s reacquisition of the Enstone operations, Komatsu followed suit. He joined Haas as the Head of Trackside Operations and then as the Director of Trackside Engineering.

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Komatsu Leads Haas: A New Direction

Komatsu’s promotion to the team director role at Haas signifies a smooth transition following Steiner’s departure. It introduces a more technically-focused approach for the Japanese national. He will soon be supported by a yet-to-be-named Director of Operations, further solidifying the team’s leadership structure in the coming weeks.

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