Haas F1 Ferrari equipment : Embarrassed by Underused Gear

Haas F1: Embarrassed by Underused Ferrari Gear


Haas F1 Envisions Its Future with Ferrari “I’m embarrassed that we haven’t been able to achieve more with their equipment”

Undergoes Shift, Maintains Ferrari-Dallara Ties

Haas F1 is undergoing a significant internal transformation with the departure of the iconic Günther Steiner and its Technical Director, Simone Resta. However, to achieve progress, certain fundamental elements remain unchanged.

Consequently, the American team does not plan to alter its operational model and intends to continue its partnerships with Dallara for the construction of its race car and Ferrari for the supply of engines and all mechanical components allowed by the regulations.

Haas F1 Team’s Ongoing Partnership with Ferrari

According to Gene Haas, these partnerships are set to continue. While teams like McLaren and Williams have recently recommitted to Mercedes until 2030, the smaller American outfit is expected to do the same for the era of the 2026 regulations.

“Ferrari has been great to us,” he stated on the official F1 website.

“They’ve been with us from the beginning, building incredible engines. Their suspension is top-notch. We use a lot of their equipment. It works really well. They are truly supportive. I’m embarrassed that we haven’t been able to perform better with it, but looking forward, I want to make the most of this great equipment that many other teams don’t have.”

“Things are going to get a lot more competitive. With Red Bull having AlphaTauri, we’re beginning to see these relationships evolve, and I think the competition is going to be very intense. So, having a partner like Ferrari is going to be crucial.”

Haas Aims to Strengthen Ferrari Partnership

“We are very happy to stay with Ferrari. I hope we can assist them in terms of reliability. In the future, when Sauber moves away from Ferrari’s power unit (to become Audi), we will be the sole Ferrari user. They might want to take on one or two more clients. Maybe they’ll be happy with just us. But we have to do better. We can’t be so far behind Ferrari. We need to be closer to them.”

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Haas F1: Strong Power, Aerodynamic Challenges

“I believe we have an excellent formula,” he continued. “We have Ferrari engines which probably have more power than anyone else at the moment. We use Ferrari equipment as per the permissible parts in the regulations, and we have a solid chassis. I speak to a lot of engineers, and I think our biggest shortcoming is aerodynamics; our aerodynamic program really needs to advance.”

“When you’re on the track and getting humiliated every weekend, I want to stop going through that!”

Haas F1 Ferrari equipment Haas F1 Ferrari equipment

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