Günther Steiner: A Legacy in Formula 1 Racing

Günther Steiner’s journey from an Italian engineer to a key figure in Formula 1, managing Haas F1 Team and shaping motorsport history, reflects his profound impact on the racing world.

Explore Günther Steiner’s F1 Legacy at Haas F1 Team

Steiner’s Rise in Formula 1 Leadership

Günther Steiner, an Italian engineer and motorsport executive, was born on April 7, 1965, in Merano, Italy. He has managed the Haas Formula 1 team until 2024, after serving as the general manager of Jaguar Racing and the technical director of Red Bull Racing following the acquisition of Jaguar. Since 2019, the “Drive to Survive” series has brought him significant recognition.

In November 2004, following Red Bull’s acquisition of Jaguar Racing, the team invited Steiner to join. The decision by Opel to exit the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters by the end of 2005 prompted his return to the Milton Keynes team. On January 13, 2005, he officially became the Director of Technical Operations.

Steiner collaborated with Team Principal Christian Horner to enhance the team’s 2005 season performance. Nevertheless, the arrival of Adrian Newey as the new Technical Director from McLaren, a designer of multiple world championship-winning cars, led Dietrich Mateschitz, the team’s owner, to assign Steiner to create a NASCAR team in the United States. Feeling the overcrowded nature of Formula 1, Steiner, with his wife’s counsel, decided to relocate to Mooresville, North Carolina, and from April 1, 2006, to April 2008, he served as the Technical Director of Team Red Bull.

Steiner’s Impactful Journey in F1

Post his tenure at Red Bull, Steiner remained in Mooresville and established Fiberworks Composites in January 2009.

During the development of the US F1 Team, Steiner encountered Joe Custer and Gene Haas from Stewart-Haas Racing at a grill restaurant. After they declined to invest in the project, Steiner suggested they enter Formula 1 by ordering a customer car from an established manufacturer. Approval delays led Steiner to pursue entry as a private team. Autosport, a motorsport publication, described him as the “chief architect.” Steiner recruited key staff, conducted interviews with each team member, and forged partnerships with Dallara and Ferrari. On April 14, 2014, he was officially named the director of the newly established Haas F1 Team.

In the 2016 season, Haas marked its debut as the first American constructor in F1 in 30 years. At the 2016 Australian Grand Prix, the team earned 8 points with Romain Grosjean’s sixth-place finish, achieving the first points for an American team driver and the first constructor points in a debut race since Toyota F1 Team in 2002. Haas concluded the season eighth in the constructors’ standings with 29 points, all scored by Grosjean.

The “Drive to Survive” documentary series, starting in 2019 and showcasing F1’s behind-the-scenes, elevated Steiner’s public profile. His outbursts shaped his colorful media persona, though it somewhat overshadowed his serious approach to team management. In January 2024, he announced his departure from the team.

Explore Günther Steiner’s F1 Legacy at Haas F1 Team. Explore Günther Steiner’s F1 Legacy at Haas F1 Team

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