Formula 1 Safety Car

Mercedes Integrates LiDAR Tech in Safety Car for 2024


Mercedes plans to outfit the Formula 1 Safety Car with a LiDAR system, enhancing environmental awareness with this laser-based technology. Collaborating with Luminar, their partner, Mercedes F1 will implement this LiDAR technology in the Formula 1 Safety Car. The goal is to boost the operational efficiency of the Mercedes AMG GT-R Black Series, driven by Bernd Maylander.

Already engaged in a partnership, Mercedes and Luminar are taking a strategic step by testing the LiDAR technology on the Safety Car from 2024. This advancement will significantly enhance the vehicle’s ability to perceive its surroundings.

LiDAR technology creates a 3D laser map of the car’s environment, while an AI system aids in more accurately detecting objects at higher speeds or in challenging visibility and conditions.

Formula 1 Safety Car with a half-kilometer range capability.

Luminar’s LiDAR technology can detect debris from as far as 250 meters and larger objects up to 500 meters away. Awaiting FIA’s approval, this system is set to improve situational judgment on the track, as per Mercedes’ statement. Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ team principal, has expressed great enthusiasm for this development.

“I am thrilled about our new partnership with Luminar,” Wolff stated. “Their journey so far, their technology, and their accomplishments have profoundly impressed me.”

“This is a truly exciting and innovative field with significant implications for the automotive industry and mobility at large. Our collaboration builds upon the initial development work between Luminar and Mercedes-Benz, and I am eager to see how we can further this development.”

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Markus Schäfer, Mercedes’ Chief Technology Officer, praises the new partnership, stating, “Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of innovation and safety. We are excited to continue our development efforts with Luminar to bring this technology to our F1 team.”

From Luminar’s perspective, CEO Austin Russell values the opportunity to share technologies with a Formula 1 team: “Luminar’s technology has always been about pushing the boundaries of performance while enhancing automotive safety. With F1, Mercedes-AMG takes it to the extreme on a global stage for car enthusiasts.”

“Developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, the cutting-edge technology for its production cars will now be shared with the Mercedes F1 team. This showcases the performance and safety benefits at any speed, from urban streets to highways, and on the racetrack.”

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