Aston Martin AMR24 Launch

AMR24 Unveiled: Aston Martin’s 2024 F1 Challenger


Aston Martin F1 introduces the AMR24, a game-changer for Alonso and Stroll in the 2024 season, promising unparalleled competition.

Aston Martin F1 unveiled its brand-new AMR24, the single-seater that will empower Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll to compete in the 2024 Formula 1 season.

The team conducted this reveal from its Silverstone factory, launched last year, where the new car was developed. It represents a significantly evolved version of last year’s vehicle, which was almost a fresh start, featuring 90% new parts.

In terms of livery, there are few surprises with the team’s continued use of green since 2022, complemented by Aston Martin Racing’s neon yellow trim. Carbon touches also add to the car’s distinct identity.

Following this online reveal, the car will be transported to the Silverstone circuit, just a few hundred meters away, to undergo the first of its two promotional runs of the year, serving as a shakedown before heading to Bahrain.

“We are proud to launch the AMR24,” stated team principal Mike Krack.

 Aston Martin AMR24 Launch

“It’s the outcome of a massive effort from the entire team at our new AMR Technological Campus and it will enable the team to take another step forward in 2024. Since the last race in 2023, everyone has been highly focused on making improvements in every area, focusing our efforts on what truly makes a difference, what really matters to be better.”

“Nearly every area of the car has been refined and enhanced, building on our strengths and taking into account the lessons from the previous campaign. 2023 was our best season to date and our goal this season is to consistently score points, podiums, and fight for our first victory in green.”

AMR24 Evolution: Pioneering F1 Aerodynamic Strategy

 Aston Martin AMR24 Launch

Dan Fallows, Technical Director, discusses how the team approached the AMR24.

“Even with stable regulations, the opportunities for refinement are endless. I would describe the AMR24 as a strong evolution from last year’s car, significantly different with many new parts that provide us with a solid development platform. The chassis design is new, as are the nose, front wing, front suspension, and rear suspension. We aim to be at the forefront of this season’s development race, and this car is designed exactly for that.”

“Another focus has been on widening the car’s operational window. We’ve concentrated on more versatility across a broader range of circuit-specific characteristics. We want a more versatile race car. We believe the AMR24 provides the ideal platform for ongoing season development and a sustained challenge throughout the season.”

The design of the front wing has been altered to more efficiently manage the wake from the front wheels. Together with the fins above the wheels, the aim is to control the flow and direct it away from the rest of the car, allowing other downforce-generating surfaces to operate more effectively.

AMR24: Aerodynamic Excellence for 2024 Success

In the current era of F1 regulations, significant emphasis is placed on the design of the floor and the sidepods. On the AMR24, the sidepods and bodywork have been redesigned to improve airflow management around the floor and over the rear wing.

“The floor is the largest downforce-generating area on an F1 car and is continuously evolving. Getting it right will be crucial to our success in 2024,” Fallows adds.

The AMR24 will use a pushrod suspension setup at both the front and rear. The front suspension has been modified to enhance performance in conjunction with the front wing and floor, while the rear suspension has been optimized to maximize airflow efficiency around the rear wing, adapting to the latest power unit and gearbox provided by Mercedes F1.

“Work has been carried out at both ends of the car’s suspension. The front will work more efficiently alongside the front wing, and aerodynamic work has been done at the rear to optimize our setup in that area.”

Aston Martin AMR24 Launch. Aston Martin AMR24 Launch

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