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Alonso Eyes AMR24’s Fixes After Solid Shakedown Test


Following a key shakedown, Alonso scrutinizes the AMR24 for improvements over last year’s model, setting a pivotal foundation.

Fernando Alonso has yet to form a comprehensive view of how his new AMR24 compares to its 2023 predecessor.

The Spanish driver conducted a significant shakedown yesterday at Silverstone, covering around a hundred kilometers, similar to his teammate.

As he states, it’s the real foundation that has been established to start understanding, even in the simulator, the initial strengths and weaknesses.

“The car I am familiar with is the one I drove in the simulator a few weeks ago, but the bulk of the simulation program is happening this week, after putting the car on track (yesterday), with the right data,” Alonso said.

“So, it’s too early to really spot the differences between last year’s and this year’s cars.”

“It will be Bahrain, on the track, that will give us the truth about everything. But it should be a good step forward.”

“Some of the weaknesses we saw last year, some of the inconsistencies we had from one track to another, being more or less competitive, we are trying to address all of that.”

“So, I am reasonably satisfied with the intention behind all these changes. So yes, let’s see on the track if it resolves as expected.”

Alonso Targets Aston Martin Speed Boost

Alonso emphasized at the end of the last season that Aston Martin needed to work on reducing excessive drag levels that made it vulnerable on the straights in 2023.

The Spaniard reiterated that this is an area of focus he hopes has been corrected, while also noting that high-speed performance is a weakness compared to its closest competitors.

“In the car, I would love to have a bit more downforce, especially in the high-speed corners; it was probably a weak point last year that I think we have tried to improve in this year’s car.”

“Top speed was not the best last year, we were always struggling on the straights, and we were at the bottom of the ranking in terms of top speed, so we are trying to be a bit more efficient this year, a bit faster on the straights.”

“So, there are a few points that I would frankly like to see improved in the car when we get to Bahrain, for the winter testing, which will probably help us on the Sunday during race weekends.”

Alonso AMR24 Aston Martin. Alonso AMR24 Aston Martin

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