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Pierre Gasly Primed for 2024 F1 Season’s Ultimate Test


Ahead of the 2024 F1 season, Pierre Gasly is in top form, ready for the challenge. Training in Dubai, he’s physically and mentally prepared for the demanding schedule of 24 Grand Prix races.

Gasly says he is in the peak of his physical and mental condition on the eve of the 2024 Formula 1 season, which kicks off on March 2nd with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

As has been his practice for several winters now, Pierre Gasly has undergone physical preparation in Dubai’s warm and dry climate, where he also met his former AlphaTauri teammate, Japanese racer Yuki Tsunoda. On the threshold of the 2024 campaign, the Frenchman believes he is at his best and feels ready to tackle the longest season in Formula 1 history, featuring 24 Grand Prix races on the calendar.

“Personally, I know I’m in the best shape physically, I’ve now got experience in the team, and I’ve been in Formula 1 for seven years. So, I know exactly what I need to work on, how I need to prepare,” Pierre Gasly explained.

“So, I’m feeling good. But first, we need to assess this new car, see where we are starting from, and work from there.”

“I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, both physically and mentally, I’m just really excited to get started. With 24 races, we know it’s going to be an intense season, there’ll be a lot of travel limiting our training time, so we have to bolster that capability before the year starts.”

Gasly Eyes Victory, Trains Hard in Dubai

“There was a lot of sweat out there [in Dubai]. It’s a good preparation before Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It was good, Yuki [Tsunoda] was also there, so we had some great karting sessions, ran into each other a few times.”

Regarding personal goals for his second season with Alpine, Pierre Gasly admits he is still chasing the second victory of his Formula 1 career after his first win in 2020 at the Italian Grand Prix with his former team AlphaTauri.

“We won two trophies last season [two podiums]. We definitely want more this season,” the Frenchman added.

“I just turned 28, so it’s definitely time to win more and chase that second victory, and that’s what we’re aiming for. That’s why I’m in Formula 1, I want to perform and fight for those top spots.”

“My goal for myself remains the same: to do the best job possible for the team with the car I’m given,” he concluded.

Pierre Gasly F1 2024. Pierre Gasly F1 2024


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