Verstappen Unique Adrian Newey Irreplaceable

Verstappen: “Unique Adrian Newey Irreplaceable”


Max Verstappen acknowledges the irreplaceable value of Adrian Newey, emphasizing the unique contributions of individuals to success. He highlights that everyone’s path to achievement is distinct, underscoring the impossibility of finding a direct replacement for Newey’s singular talent and impact in the racing world.

With Ferrari’s acquisition of Lewis Hamilton for 2025, some speculate that Fred Vasseur is aiming to build a team with the biggest names in the sport. Among these, car designer Adrian Newey could be a target for the Scuderia Ferrari.

Such a move would be a significant blow to Red Bull, which has achieved unprecedented success thanks to the British engineer. Max Verstappen, the Milton Keynes team’s driver, believes this loss would be greater than any other.

“No one will be like Adrian,” Verstappen admits. “That’s what’s great: everyone is different, and everyone achieves success in their own way. So no, you can’t replace Adrian because there’s only one Adrian.”

“But it’s wonderful to see new talent coming through with whom he has worked for a long time. And it’s fantastic to see how this talent forges its own path and how we achieve what we do.”

Horner downplays the impact of any single individual

Asked about Newey’s contractual situation, team principal Christian Horner remained tight-lipped: “I’m not going to discuss the specifics of individual contracts. We have a strong team, we have great depth.”

“Adrian has been here a long time, as have I, but there are also many other key people involved, so yes, I’m not going to talk about the contractual details of team employees.”

However, Horner highlights that Red Bull’s strength also comes from Pierre Waché, the team’s technical director, and the dozens of engineers working tirelessly on the car. But the Brit also acknowledges Newey’s role among them.

“We must also recognize the entire group of people behind the scenes because it’s not just about Adrian, but about the whole group of engineers around him who also do an amazing job. I see Adrian a bit like this: There are new talents emerging, and then there’s Adrian.”

“He’s like a mentor. Many of them have questions they can ask him and discuss with him. Adrian is now 65. It’s also important to recognize the young talents coming through. I find it fascinating to see that they are now working completely together.”

Verstappen Unique Adrian Newey Irreplaceable. Verstappen Unique Adrian Newey Irreplaceable


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