Perez F1 Race Schedule

Perez Critiques F1’s 24-Race Schedule for Excess


Sergio Perez voices concerns over the packed 24-race F1 calendar, advocating for a focus on quality over quantity in the sport.

Sergio Perez believes the 24-race schedule, including 6 F1 Sprint weekends, is “too many races” and that the sport should focus on quality rather than quantity.

The F1 calendar for 2024 is expected to feature (unless canceled) 24 Grands Prix spread across the globe over the next nine and a half months, repeating the record schedule of 2023, which ultimately was reduced to 22 races due to the cancellation of Imola and Shanghai.

“It’s too much. We know it’s too many races,” says the Mexican driver.

“The extended calendar has forced teams to ensure staff rotations, trying to minimize the travel of certain members when possible.”

“However, with so many people essential to racing, the physical and mental demands are strenuous even for drivers who can arrive later and leave earlier than most of the rest of the team.”

“It’s going to be a very brutal calendar for all of us involved in this sport. That’s why it’s important that we are able to manage our energy levels as best as we can.”

Perez Prefers Quality Over Packed Schedule

Regarding what he thinks is the ideal season length, Perez echoed the thoughts of former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, saying that a round number would be ideal.

“I think 20 races would be great, focusing on quality rather than quantity. But it’s not for me to decide. If we could do everything in Mexico, that would be fantastic!” he jokes.

Last week, Fernando Alonso suggested increasing the test days to four to allow an equal distribution of days between the two drivers of a team – and perhaps to use two cars for testing at the same time.

But Perez does not support this suggestion, stating that the schedule is long enough without adding extra test days.

“There’s no time for that! We have 24 races, the schedule is already brutal, and I don’t believe all teams will have their 2 cars in place from the first tests. We don’t have time to do more testing while the seasons are already ending so late. We will end up finishing in December again this year.”

Perez F1 Race Schedule. Perez F1 Race Schedule


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