Norris Rejects Red Bull

Verstappen Believes Norris Finds Balance, Stays at McLaren


Lando Norris reconfirms his commitment to McLaren, citing team progression and a promising future as key factors, rejecting a potential switch to Red Bull.

Lando Norris stated he was not afraid to face Max Verstappen at Red Bull. However, he detailed the reasons for extending his stay with McLaren F1, discussing the “logic” that led him to recommit to his team.

Verstappen is convinced that Norris has found his balance at McLaren F1 thanks to the team’s progress, which persuaded him not to pursue a new challenge at Red Bull: “From his perspective, I don’t know what’s happening within the team.”

“And when you truly feel happy and confident with the people you’re with, and they’re on a positive trajectory, you also think ‘maybe I don’t need to leave and I can make this project a success.'”

Conversely, the three-time world champion is curious to measure his own progress in Formula 1 since securing his three titles: “If I think back to myself four years ago, compared to today, I’m a bit calmer and more experienced.”

“And in some cases, that can make the difference. Winning a championship probably helps too, but it would be quite exciting to have my younger self from four years ago team up with me today. I’m not afraid of challenges, it’s cool to race against the best in the world.”

Norris Rejects Red Bull. Norris Rejects Red Bull


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