Ferrari enhances team facilities

Ferrari to Keep Updating Facilities


Fred Vasseur, in his unwavering commitment to advancing Ferrari’s capabilities, ensures a continued emphasis on modernizing the team’s infrastructure. This dedication persists, even with the recognition that the Maranello team boasts very recent facilities. Notably, the ongoing effort includes initiatives such as Ferrari enhancing team facilities to stay at the forefront of technological and operational excellence.

Numerous F1 teams are investing in the modernization of their facilities, exemplified by McLaren’s acquisition of a new simulator and a significantly upgraded wind tunnel. Red Bull has also committed to this trend with its facilities in Bicester.

While the Scuderia’s boss believes that the existing infrastructure is at a satisfactory level, the team must persist in refining its operations to shorten development timelines.

Scuderia Ferrari’s Ongoing Commitment: Enhancing Team Facilities

“The level of infrastructure and equipment is adequate at Ferrari,” explains the Frenchman.

“But it’s an ongoing process where we need to do a better job in every aspect; we must constantly enhance a simulator, which is a good example, as technology is continually evolving in that realm,” he elaborates.

“It’s an endless story where as soon as you solve something in the simulator, a new issue arises, and it will be like that for the next 30 years, and the same scenario applies to the wind tunnel,” he notes.

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“You always strive to enhance the airflow or scales, and it’s not because the facilities in Maranello and Fiorano are top-notch that the investment journey comes to an end,” he emphasizes.

“We must continue to invest significantly in production because what’s crucial is the track turnaround time and our ability to produce more swiftly and with improved quality,” he underscores.

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“So, we’re in this loop, and we will continue to invest, to expand, but it’s not just about the simulator or the wind tunnel. If we want to take a step forward, it’s also on the production side that we need to focus our efforts,” he asserts.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Fred Vasseur enhances team facilities Scuderia Ferrari F1 Fred Vasseur enhances team facilities

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