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Vasseur Shines: Ferrari’s Year-End Debrief Highlight


Fred Vasseur, Head of the Ferrari F1 Team, exudes the warmth of a familiar uncle, always ready with a laugh and a joke, yet harboring a concealed, razor-sharp edge capable of incisive depth and precision.

The fact that neither of these facets has dulled over his 12 months at the helm of Ferrari’s Formula 1 team is indicative. It suggests that, to a large extent, he has had the autonomy to shape things in his own way.

A visit to Maranello for Ferrari’s annual Christmas lunch underscored this point. The event, essentially a press conference, saw Vasseur fielding questions from the gathered media, including F1Lead, amidst the festive atmosphere. The contrast from the previous year, when this event didn’t take place due to the upheavals following his appointment, was striking.

In retrospect, the questions back then would have centered around the challenges, both public and behind-the-scenes, involving Ferrari’s executive chairman John Elkann and managing director Benedetto Vigna. However, Vasseur now seems at ease in his current role, suggesting that while politics may never fully dissipate at Ferrari, they can be managed.

Ferrari’s Vasseur: Challenging Debut, Positive Trajectory

Reflecting on his one-year tenure at Maranello, Vasseur describes the initial period as a challenge, joining late and facing a torrent of tasks to manage in a short span. However, he now finds himself in a more comfortable position, familiar with the company, its people, and systems, suggesting a positive trajectory.

While some might argue that Ferrari’s slip to third in the constructors’ championship in 2023, compared to their second-place finish the previous year, marks a less successful debut for Vasseur, he points out that he inherited the SF-23 and focused on maximizing its performance in the latter part of the season.

Vasseur’s ability to deal with success or failure on his own terms is evident. Despite finishing third, he highlights the team’s progress, emphasizing the positive steps taken in the latter part of the season. He acknowledges the early-season issues but commends the team’s reaction and performance improvement.

Vasseur portrays communications with Elkann as positive but emphasizes that he doesn’t need external validation. He sets his own standards and measures success based on the team’s reactions and progress.

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Vasseur’s Steady Leadership at Ferrari: Navigating Challenges, Building Hope

The absence of counter-productive interference or public proclamations from higher-ups suggests that Vasseur is steering the team in his own way. His messaging has remained consistent throughout the year, avoiding extremes of optimism or pessimism.

Vasseur’s extensive experience in motorsport, despite a mixed record in Formula 1, positions him as a shrewd operator. His success in single-seater operations and broader motorsport activities speaks to his competence.

The question at Ferrari was whether he would be permitted to implement his approach, and so far, it seems he has. Vasseur has emphasized constant evolution, strategic decision-making, and a focus on long-term gains. This aligns with the inherent inertia in F1’s recruitment process, which he acknowledges.

In summary, Vasseur has steered Ferrari steadily in his first year, indicating strong and stable leadership. His ability to navigate the challenges of leading Ferrari, a team often beset by storms, showcases his character and gravitas. Although success is not guaranteed, Vasseur’s leadership guides Enzo’s team on track, providing hope for the future.

Ferrari F1 Team Vasseur Ferrari F1 Team Vasseur Ferrari F1 Team Vasseur

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