Verstappen Mercedes AMG GT

The rental company denied Verstappen the Mercedes AMG GT


Car Rental Company Denies Max Verstappen Expensive Mercedes AMG GT: “They Simply Adhered to the Rules”

During the winter break, numerous F1 drivers seek relaxation, and for Max Verstappen, it invariably involves “taking a spin on the track.” However, when he attempted to rent a Mercedes AMG GT, the rental company declined to provide Verstappen with the car.

According to the British newspaper ‘The Sun,’ Max Verstappen was in Portugal and reportedly tried to rent a Mercedes AMG GT at Faro Airport. Along with his entourage, he intended to head to the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve for a few laps. Ironically, despite his three Formula 1 world titles, the Mercedes AMG GT was not made available to him.

According to Sixt rental policies, one must be at least thirty years old to rent the car, primarily an insurance-related requirement. Eventually, an alternative solution was sought.

“Our Portugal site employees simply adhered to insurance rules,” stated a spokesperson for Sixt. “To reach an amicable resolution for the customer, Mr. Verstappen was provided with an alternative vehicle.”

According to the spokesperson, Sixt will learn from this experience and aims to prevent such situations in the future.

“In certain circumstances, exceptions to the rules can be warranted, and this was one such case. We extend our apologies to Mr. Verstappen. Moving forward, he is welcome to rent any car of his choice with us at any time. There is, of course, no doubt about his driving skills and experience with high-performance vehicles.”

Verstappen Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes AMG GT

The Mercedes-AMG GT seamlessly blends captivating design with high-performance engineering. Its sleek, muscular silhouette commands attention, featuring aerodynamic lines and a distinctive grille. Beneath the hood, a potent V8 biturbo engine delivers impressive power for an exhilarating driving experience.

The exhaust note adds a distinct musical touch to each acceleration, enhancing the overall driving sensation.

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Inside, the Mercedes-AMG GT strikes a harmonious balance between luxury and athleticism. Impeccable finishes, high-quality materials, and advanced technologies create a refined cockpit. With its world-class performance, artistic design, and modern luxury, the Mercedes-AMG GT stands as an icon among sports cars, delivering a driving experience that marries power and elegance.

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