AI Impact in F1 Red Bull Tech's Adrian Newey Analyzes

AI’s Growing Influence in Formula 1’s Future Landscape


Exploring the expanding role of AI in Formula 1, from strategy development to potential technical innovations, as analyzed by Red Bull Technology’s Adrian Newey.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, with its explosion into public consciousness epitomized by ChatGPT.

The ongoing democratization of AI at all levels is seen as a significant catalyst by some and a potential threat by others.

So, will AI also impact Formula 1? It’s already happening with some teams in the development of race strategies. But can it extend further, into technical aspects or even design?

Adrian Newey, the technical consultant for Red Bull Technology, offers an insight.

“At some point, AI will be everywhere in F1, but it’s much harder to precisely predict when. AI is a trendy term, but in reality, it’s an extension of ‘machine learning’ mixed with some internet, and this has been around for ages.”

“We’ve been using constraint analysis optimizers for years [FEA or finite element analysis], but it seems that humans are ultimately still better than the optimizer. These are useful tools, but they don’t replace humans entirely.”

AI Impact in F1 Red Bull Tech’s Adrian Newey Analyzes. AI Impact in F1 Red Bull Tech’s Adrian Newey Analyzes

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