Verstappen & Hamilton: Beyond Rivalry, Just Normal


In a revealing statement, Max Verstappen shares that he and Lewis Hamilton, beyond their intense F1 rivalry, are “just normal guys” in private. A glimpse into the less seen side of F1 stars.

Max Verstappen has stated that he and Lewis Hamilton are “just normal guys” together when they are in a private setting, when asked about the current state of their rivalry.

The Red Bull and Mercedes F1 drivers experienced one of the most intense title battles in modern Formula 1 history as they aimed for the title in 2021, clashing several times throughout that season.

Even though Mercedes F1 has suffered a dip in form since then, the two multiple world champions are still considered by many to be the top two drivers in the sport.

Asked about his relationship with the seven-time world champion, the Dutchman was keen to downplay any tension that might have existed previously.

“I don’t need that kind of toxic rivalry,” Verstappen told The Times.

“Of course, we want to fight, but honestly, once we are in a private setting, we are just two normal guys among ourselves.”

Although records have never particularly crossed his mind, he was noncommittal when asked if he aimed to surpass the totals set by Hamilton and Michael Schumacher in the future.

“If it happens, it happens,” he replied.

“But you need to be lucky to drive a good car for a long enough period. You are very dependent on the material you have.”

“When I won my first title, I said that everything that comes next is a bonus because, realistically, in F1, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve.”

“Being on the podium, holding a pole position, winning a race then a championship. These kinds of things were my dream in Formula 1. From now on, I’m just trying to stay on top.”

This winter, there was a numbers battle following a study delivered by Forbes. With his bonuses, Verstappen would have been paid more in the end than his rival, the equivalent of 70 million dollars, compared to 45 for the Mercedes F1 driver. Does he confirm these circulating figures?

“Maybe. I’m not sure,” he replied with a smile.

These amounts can certainly make fans wonder…

“After all, it’s a dangerous sport. I am aware of the dangers. But I try not to think about it too much.”

“You can’t be afraid in a car. If you’re afraid in a racing car, it just won’t work.”

When asked if he ever feels fear, he replied: “So… I don’t really like snakes!”

“You wouldn’t see me put a snake around me just for fun. Big hairy spiders, I really don’t like. Sharks, I don’t like. So you won’t see me swimming two kilometers or anything off the coast in some countries.”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: Just Normal Guys. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: Just Normal Guys

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