Stella Embraces Piastri's Potential Win at McLaren

Stella Embraces Piastri’s Potential Win at McLaren


McLaren’s director Andrea Stella is optimistic about Oscar Piastri‘s possible race win. He views it as a positive step, reflecting the team’s growth and challenging Lando Norris to elevate his performance.

Stella is not worried about Oscar Piastri winning a race. When asked about potential tensions with Lando Norris, the Italian highlights that it would be a significant sign of progress for his team.

“Regarding Oscar’s first win, you talked about headaches, I’d rather say I’m looking forward to it!” jokes Stella. “It would be an incredible result considering what we saw last year with Red Bull, as there wasn’t much room left for anyone.”

“If Oscar wins a race, it will be an incredible emotion, and an incredible emotion for Lando too, as it would mean we have a car capable of winning races.”

“And if I put myself in Lando’s mind for a moment, I think I would recognize how fair a competitor Oscar is. He’s very sportsmanlike. And he would wonder what he needs to do better to achieve what Oscar has.”

Stella wants his drivers to strive for improvement

Stella believes each of the two drivers would react differently, but in both cases, the idea would be to figure out how to do even better afterward. He explains that there is a drive at McLaren to constantly seek improvement.

“Ultimately, it’s about seizing opportunities. This game isn’t just about how good you are today, but how much you improve every day.”

“If we look at Formula 1 champions, it’s certain that Verstappen is not the same driver as last year or in 2021, and definitely not the driver he was when he started. It’s all about continuous improvement, and that’s certainly how I see Lando handling this situation.”

“But that’s also how Oscar would react if we saw how he is punished. He would react in his own way to the victory and wonder how to solidify it. The message to the drivers has always been about knowing what they can do better each day to progress.”

Stella Piastri McLaren Progress Possible Race Win 2024. Stella Piastri McLaren Progress Possible Race Win 2024

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