Red Bull F1 Success The Passion Behind

Red Bull: Beyond Can Making to F1 Champions


Red Bull transcends its can-making image, securing seven drivers’ and six constructors’ titles in Formula 1. Team principal Christian Horner discusses the brand’s passion and strategic success in the sport.

While Red Bull has proven its mettle in F1 by clinching seven drivers’ titles and six constructors’ championships, the image of a can maker sometimes still lingers. When asked about this, their team principal Christian Horner highlights the passion driving his team.

“I believe the shareholders have always been passionate about motor racing and Formula 1, seeing it as the ideal platform to market their brand,” Horner explains.

“It’s the most-watched sport globally, aside from the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. But of course, they only happen every four years. Formula 1 takes place every two weeks.”

“The global reach we achieve, the followers we have, it’s the best possible way, not just for Red Bull, but also for any partner associated with us, to promote their brand.”

Red Bull is profitable in Formula 1, and Horner believes that modern F1 is anyway an excellent platform: “It depends on how you look at it. In terms of global brand recognition, what it would cost in advertising, it’s absolutely a huge success in terms of promoting the Red Bull brand.”

“I think as sponsorship, partnerships, and revenues improve, and as cost capping comes into effect for both the chassis and the engine in Formula 1, the business becomes much more sustainable. And we’re seeing the intrinsic value of Formula 1 teams increase dramatically.”

Red Bull F1 Success The Passion Behind 2024. Red Bull F1 Success The Passion Behind 2024.

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