Monaco Grand Prix – F1 Glamour and Speed

The 79th Monaco race is set to take place on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Just a week after the Monaco race, the Formula 1 circus will be heading to Spain. You can find the complete Formula 1 calendar for 2023 here.

Monaco Grand Prix

Despite its remarkably short length of 3.337 kilometers, the Circuit de Monaco Grand Prix boasts nineteen turns. Typically, this track is integrated into the road network of the principality. The inaugural race took place in 1929, stemming from an idea put forth by the local motor club president. Drivers navigate the circuit clockwise, if one can even call it driving. The first sector features some relatively fast sweepers, followed by slow corners and hairpins. Post-tunnel, the optimal opportunity for overtaking presents itself, while in the final section, achieving a well-balanced car is crucial. Given the limited overtaking opportunities and the very short straight stretches, a driver can make a significant difference on this circuit. Team differentials are generally narrow here, and Red Bull, with its considerable downforce, tends to perform exceptionally well.

In 2021, the Formula 1 circus returned to Monaco Grand Prix after a one-year absence due to the coronavirus. The streets of Monaco witnessed Max Verstappen’s dominance for the first time. His victory in Monte Carlo marked his ascent to the top of the championship standings, ultimately securing the championship title. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris secured second and third places, respectively, for Ferrari and McLaren.

Monaco Grand Prix – The origins of the Automobile Club de Monaco

On August 26, 1890, the Sport Vélocipédique Monégasque (SVM) is born, experiencing rapid growth under the honorary presidency of Prince Albert I. In 1907, the club transforms into the Sport Automobile et Vélocipédique de Monaco (SAVM). Alexandre Noghès, the General Treasurer of the Principality’s Finances, is appointed president in 1909. Following the model of major cycling gatherings, the idea of an automobile event that would attract competitors from all over Europe to Monaco is put forth by his son, Antony. Two years later, he organizes the first Monte Carlo Rally, won by Henri Rougier driving a Turcat-Méry.

On March 29, 1925, during an extraordinary general assembly with fifty-five SAVM members, President Alexandre Noghès announces that “due to the importance the Society has acquired, it is mandatory to change its title and name it the Automobile Club de Monaco.” The proposed change is approved by vote, and thus, the Automobile Club de Monaco is born, a name it still carries today.

Monaco Grand Prix F1 Monaco Grand Prix F1

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