Carlos Sainz Jr.: A F1 Journey of Talent and Tenacity

Carlos Sainz Jr F1 Career. The son of former Spanish rally world champion Carlos Sainz, has inherited a passion for racing. In every race, he takes to the track with Spanish zeal and fervor. Carlos looks up to Fernando Alonso as his great role model, and he now races for the team where this legend spent many years battling. Currently, Sainz drives for Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc.

Carlos Sainz F1 career

Born on September 1, 1994, in Madrid, Carlos Sainz was immersed in the world of racing from an early age. His father is none other than the rally legend Carlos Sainz Sr., a two-time WRC champion. Despite the young Carlos admiring his father tremendously, he did not envision a future for himself in rally racing. Inspired by Fernando Alonso’s success in the first decade of this century, Sainz opted for circuit racing. Today, the Spaniard can be considered a staple in Formula 1.

Sainz in 2021

Among all the drivers on the grid, Sainz is one of the individuals with the most diverse team affiliations. In 2021, he joined his fourth team: Ferrari. The team, typically one of the top contenders, had a winless 2020, and Sainz, along with teammate Charles Leclerc, was tasked with restoring pride to Maranello. Sainz steps into big shoes, replacing four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in Italy.

In his debut season with Ferrari, Sainz left a remarkable impression. While Leclerc was generally a bit faster, his Spanish teammate consistently scored points in most races. Despite Leclerc facing occasional misfortune during the season, Sainz, through his quality, finished ahead of his teammate. The Spaniard secured four podium finishes in his first season with the Italian team.

Carlos Sainz F1 career – From Red Bull protege to Renault

In 2021, Sainz may be driving for Ferrari, but he could have just as easily raced for Red Bull Racing. Starting in 2010, the son of the racing driver was part of the Red Bull Racing driver development program. He justified that trust by becoming the champion in both the Formule Renault 2.0 (2011) and the World Series by Renault (2014). In 2015, he was duly rewarded with his Formula 1 debut at Toro Rosso, alongside the also-debuting Max Verstappen. The two competitors were closely matched, engaging in several exciting duels in hopes of being the first to be promoted to the prestigious Red Bull Racing team.

Verstappen won that battle, but Sainz continued to deliver for Toro Rosso. When it became apparent that the two seats at Red Bull Racing would remain occupied, Sainz sought refuge at Renault for the 2018 season. However, he was already called in to substitute at the French team at the end of 2017 when Jolyon Palmer was dismissed prematurely. While at Renault, Sainz scored a solid number of points, but significant highlights were elusive.

Sainz blossoms into a top driver at McLaren

Therefore, for the 2019 season, Sainz made a switch to the fallen top team, McLaren. At the British outfit, he became the teammate of rookie Lando Norris. Thanks in part to the young Norris, the Formula 1 world saw a different side of Sainz, who was generally portrayed as a serious driver. Together with Norris, Sainz engaged in off-track antics, making them immensely popular.

On the track, Sainz also gained popularity. In the two seasons he raced for McLaren, he evolved into one of the best drivers on the grid. He consistently scored points and, limited by the equipment, was clearly the best of the rest. The ultimate rewards came in Brazil (2019) and Italy (2020), where Sainz earned his first podium finishes. His impressive performances in orange caught the attention of Ferrari, becoming his employer from 2021.

Carlos Sainz F1 career Carlos Sainz F1 career Carlos Sainz F1 career

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