Miami Grand Prix: Speed and Sunshine on the Circuit

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, the Grand Prix of Miami is set to unfold. The race will take place at the Miami International Autodrome, marking the fifth Grand Prix on the 2023 calendar. This event holds historical significance as it represents the inaugural Grand Prix held in Miami, adding a new and exciting chapter to the Formula 1 calendar.

Miami F1 Grand Prix

The Miami International Autodrome boasts a length of 5.41 kilometers and features a total of nineteen turns. Anticipated to maintain an average speed of around 223 km/h, the circuit is tailor-made for the Grand Prix of Miami, spanning a total of 57 laps. Uniquely designed for hosting the Grand Prix, the track winds its way around the Hard Rock Stadium, the home turf of the American football team Miami Dolphins, all owned by stadium proprietor Stephen Ross. Notably, the race will not take place on public roads but will unfold on private property. Once the Grand Prix of Miami concludes, everything will revert to its original state.

The Formula 1 calendar secures the Grand Prix of Miami through the 2031 season, marking one of the longest deals in the history of the premier motorsport class.

This long-term commitment underscores a serious intention to expand Formula 1’s presence in the United States, emphasizing the significance of the race in the ongoing efforts to broaden the sport’s global reach.

Miami Grand Prix: Purpose-Built Excellence

Formula One track designers Apex Circuit Design purpose-built the circuit for the Miami Grand Prix, testing several potential track designs before finalization.[8] The stadium’s owner, Stephen M. Ross, had pursued the Miami Grand Prix for years before achieving success. The circuit layout prioritizes minimal disruption to local residents. A permanent-style circuit with temporary infrastructure, including barriers and fences, is in place for racing, to be removed when not in use.[9] As one of the newest racetracks in the United States, the Miami Grand Prix track officially opened on May 7, 2022, with the first session held a day later, on May 8, 2022.

Miami F1 Grand Prix Miami F1 Grand Prix

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