Azerbaijan Grand Prix – F1 Baku’s Urban Racing

Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 for the year 2023 is scheduled to take place during the first weekend of June. Formula 1 teams will converge on the Baku City Circuit on April 30 for the upcoming race. You can refer to the complete Formula 1 calendar for 2023 to stay updated on all the race events. The Baku race is renowned for its tight corners coupled with long straight stretches. Notably, the 2023 edition will feature a sprint race in Baku, marking the inaugural sprint weekend of the season.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1

Baku City Circuit

The street circuit in Baku poses a significant challenge for many drivers. As the track winds its way through the heart of the capital, it features numerous narrow, straight corners. Formula 1 cars also navigate through the vicinity of a medieval castle, requiring them to traverse a particularly tight passage. The technical turns in the first sector are succeeded by long straight stretches with no braking points, making it a common struggle for teams to find the right setup for their cars. In Baku, striking the correct compromise in car tuning becomes invaluable due to this unique combination of technical and straight-line sections.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix F1

Australian Grand Prix

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