Verstappen's Unique Driving Approach Pierre Wache on Max

Waché Praises Verstappen’s Unique F1 Approach


Pierre Waché, Red Bull’s Technical Director, commends Max Verstappen‘s distinctive approach in Formula 1, highlighting his motivation, demanding nature, and the unique way he influences car performance and setup.

Pierre Waché, Red Bull‘s Technical Director, has discussed Max Verstappen’s approach to Formula 1. The Frenchman fully agrees with his driver on the perspective of competition approach.

“He is special,” the Frenchman stated. “His motivation is very high. He wants to win everything. In everything he does, he gives his best. He is very demanding, and his talent is enormous.”

“We and he share the same goal and mentality. Nothing is guaranteed, and we strive every day to give our best. He is like that, and we are on the same wavelength.”

Waché then describes the triple world champion’s driving style: “Max’s driving style is quite unique, and his preferences for setting up the car are very personal.”

Verstappen’s Unique Style Boosts Performance

“He likes a car that is extremely sensitive at the front, his style allowing him to prevent it from feeling sensitive, whereas other drivers prefer more sensation at the rear of the car. Most tend towards the latter option or a less extreme version of Max’s preferences.”

Verstappen “opens the door” to finding performance

The engineer details the driver’s wishes and explains why they are more interesting for the team: “Max wants a very responsive car. It’s unique in the sense that, as I said, he wants a lot of front compared to other cars we’ve worked with in the past.”

“It is very difficult to find performance at the rear of the car. It’s a bit easier to find performance at the front of the car. So, he opens the door for us to make the car faster, as he has the ability and preference for a very sensitive front.”

Waché also worked with Sebastian Vettel in the past, and inevitably compares the two drivers, who share seven world titles and all the driver crowns of Red Bull Racing.

“Both are very talented and have a clear objective. They differ a bit in that Max is more focused on what makes his car faster or slower at that moment. Seb was more concerned with the car’s complete operating system. It’s a different approach to feedback.”

Verstappen’s Unique Driving Approach Pierre Waché on Max. Verstappen’s Unique Driving Approach Pierre Waché on Max

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