Sainz Audi F1 Transfer What Does It Mean

Carlos Sainz’s Potential Move to Audi F1 Sparks Buzz


Rumors of Carlos Sainz‘s switch to Audi F1 are reigniting, following his father’s Dakar win and remarks. Sainz Sr‘s success with Audi adds weight to these speculations.

The rumor of Carlos Sainz’s transfer to Audi F1 has quieted down in recent months. However, this paddock whisper might resurface following comments from his father, Carlos Sainz Sr, who just clinched his fourth Dakar victory, his first under the banner of the German firm.

“Audi is always a guarantee,” the Spaniard stated after his Dakar win. “I know how seriously they take each project. I also understand what the famous German mentality means in practice, with its good and bad sides, but we must simply have a lot of respect for the Volkswagen group.”

Sainz Sr Envisions Son’s Audi F1 Future

Father Sainz is pleased at the prospect of his son being linked to the same brand, as it will enter Formula 1 in 2026, and openly entertains this hypothesis: “We all know that Formula 1 is a world of its own and I have a lot of respect for Audi.”

“In my eyes, it’s just a matter of time before they succeed in F1. I don’t have a crystal ball, but as soon as Audi decided to enter F1, it already commands a lot of respect. Of course, for Carlos, it makes sense to talk about what Audi can do, especially since I’m part of the Audi family.”

Sainz explains how he envisioned his role as a father, and the example he tried to set for his children, both in competition and life: “In the family, I like to lead by example. With my son and daughters, I’ve tried to be consistent.”

“And particularly, if you talk about the competition gene, with Carlos, I’ve tried to pass on how I understood the world of competition, racing, what was right, what was wrong.”

“When it’s your turn to do what you have to do and your son sees that you’re not doing it, it’s simply not right. I’ve tried to set an example and to say ‘if I tell you to do something, you just have to do it’. If I say someone should do this, I must do it myself.”

Sainz Audi F1 Transfer What Does It Mean?. Sainz Audi F1 Transfer What Does It Mean?

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