Unifying FIA and Formula 1 Zak Brown's Call to Action

Zak Brown Urges Unified FIA-F1 Relations Amid Tensions


Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren, calls for a more unified approach between the FIA and Formula 1, highlighting the need for collaboration amidst recent tensions and disputes within the racing world.

McLaren CEO admits he wants to see a “more unified” relationship between the FIA and Formula 1 amid growing tensions between the two entities recently.

Since replacing Jean Todt as FIA President in December 2021, Mohammed Ben Sulayem has faced criticism from existing teams on various issues, such as the Abu Dhabi 2021 report and the recent entry of Andretti into F1.

But the strained relationship reached a climax last month when the FIA announced it was investigating a potential conflict of interest involving Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 team principal, and his wife Susie, F1 Academy managing director.

However, the matter was quickly dropped, less than 48 hours later, with rival Mercedes F1 teams issuing a collective statement denying they had sparked this sudden FIA investigation.

This episode led Toto Wolff to reveal that the couple was currently in legal talks with the FIA, adding recently that the governing body’s actions had “caused major damage” in terms of reputation.

While Brown is pushing for an investigation into Red Bull’s ownership of two F1 teams, the American hopes the FIA and F1 can resolve the disputes that have created a widening gap.

“As for the FIA and Formula 1 and the leadership of our sport, we would just like to see this relationship progress in a more unified way.”

“I think they both want to do what is best for our sport, and that is an excellent area to focus on.”

Brown also reiterated that McLaren had never reported any concerns related to either of the Wolffs.

When asked if there had been any repercussions since the incident, Brown added: “We haven’t heard anything since.”

“We have never, officially or unofficially – because I see that some people have chosen their words carefully – we have never spoken with anyone about the Toto/Susie situation.”

“We are a big supporter of the F1 Academy and are thrilled to be part of it. I’ve known Susie for a long time, she is of the utmost integrity. So, we have no concerns.”

Unifying FIA and Formula 1: Zak Brown’s Call to Action. Unifying FIA and Formula 1: Zak Brown’s Call to Action


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