Haas F1 Championship Goal Target Set by Ayao Komatsu

Haas F1’s New Goal: Rise in 2024 Constructors’ Race


Under new team principal Ayao Komatsu, Haas F1 aims to ascend in the 2024 Constructors’ Championship. Replacing Gunther Steiner, Komatsu is set to revitalize the team after last year’s disappointing finish.

At Haas F1, the new team principal, Ayao Komatsu, hinted that Gene Haas had set a goal for the team in the 2024 F1 Constructors’ Championship.

Komatsu took over the popular Gunther Steiner as team principal, following Haas’s last-place finish in last year’s championship.

Team owner Gene Haas made it clear to his new team principal that they needed to improve on last year’s result.

When asked if he had set a specific target, Komatsu said: “In terms of the championship, yes.”

“I think I’d like to communicate that internally first, before going public.”

“I want to understand what we can quickly change first and assess the impact that could have before making any predictions. 9th, 8th, 7th? I don’t know.”

Komatsu strongly suggested that Gene Haas wants his team to avoid finishing last in the Constructors’ Championship again, as they did in two of the past three years.

“It’s a competition so no one likes to be last. Of course, we can only improve from there.”

Komatsu joined Haas in 2016 and was most recently the director of engineering before landing Steiner’s role. He brings his engineering background to the highest level.

“I definitely see things a bit differently and with a slightly different approach. I’m sure that even with some of the constraints we have in this team, we can do a better job.”

“We can improve a lot in many areas. If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t have taken this position.”

Gene Haas described his team’s performance as embarrassing. Komatsu is now tasked with turning the situation around.

“I was on the pit wall at every race, for an hour and a half or two hours. It’s embarrassing to qualify in a decent position, often in Q3, and then you know that on Sunday afternoon, you fall back due to the limitations we have. So it’s embarrassing. Gene is absolutely right. That’s not why we’re here. So I’m here to improve that.”

Haas F1 Championship Goal Target Set by Ayao Komatsu. Haas F1 Championship Goal Target Set by Ayao Komatsu

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