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Ricciardo Tames Expectations Ahead of GP


Daniel Ricciardo tempers RB F1 expectations, discussing authorized part usage without promising instant success.

Daniel Ricciardo tempers expectations around RB F1, as the team utilizes parts from last year’s formidable Red Bull RB19. The Australian emphasizes that his team is playing by the rules, with no copying involved, which won’t automatically propel the team to the front of the standings.

“We’ll have our answer in 48 hours, but I think some people think we’re heading towards last year’s Aston or the pink Mercedes from a few years back,” Ricciardo stated. “We’ll see. I’d like to surprise myself and fight for a podium.”

“But I would say that once we get the weekend’s result, people will calm down. It’s clear we have components we’re allowed to use and things like that, but it’s not to the extent some people think or hope.”

He also dismisses the idea that RB F1 is the team that has made the most progress this winter, thus setting modest goals: “Time will tell, but honestly, I don’t think that’s the case.”

“I mean, after testing, we have a bit of an idea of the gap to the leaders – okay, to within a few tenths. But knowing that, I think the gap is still quite significant.”

“I mean, I’m realistic, I think there are a few teams within that gap. If we could leave here with Q3 and some points, we would be very happy.”

Ricciardo “is not thinking” about the Red Bull seat

He denies returning in hopes of reclaiming his spot at Red Bull, which he left in 2018: “I’ve been asked if I’m trying to get back to Red Bull, but I refuse to look too far back. I think we’re here, there’s work to be done at the start of this season.”

“I think thinking about anything beyond this week is a bit crazy. And I think having a bit of hindsight by sitting out and losing a seat has given me a clearer view.”

“So yes, don’t go too far, don’t get carried away by anything. With this perspective or mindset, I’ll be able to give my all on this day, in this given time, and not get distracted.”

Ricciardo wasn’t distracted by the Horner affair, but he thinks it could have a negative impact on the team: “Arriving at the tests, we were obviously aware of everything that was happening. But would I say it was a distraction on the track? No, it wasn’t.”

“Knowing we have very little time, it was really ‘I need to focus on myself, my team, my driving’ and try to start this week as strong as possible. Do I feel sorry for him in all this? Yes, I’ve known Christian for a long time. He’s always been very kind to me.”

“So, I hope there will be a fair outcome and a quick resolution, if possible before this weekend, so it’s not really a distraction for him or anyone on the team. But honestly, as far as we’re concerned, we had to focus on ourselves and try to do our job.”

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