Horner F1 Investigation Impact

Hamilton Speaks on Horner Probe’s F1 Impact


Lewis Hamilton highlights the significant impact of Christian Horner’s ongoing investigation on Formula 1’s future, stressing its importance.

Lewis Hamilton has acknowledged that the ongoing investigation into Christian Horner “weighs heavily on the sport” and stated its outcome is crucial for the future of F1.

Christian is currently under investigation by parent company Red Bull GmbH, following alleged inappropriate behavior towards a colleague.

Horner has denied these claims and has remained present both at the launch of the RB20 and during pre-season testing while the investigation is underway.

Horner is also expected to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend, but the investigation’s findings are anticipated to be announced in the coming hours or days. If found guilty, the Red Bull chief could likely be removed from his position.

For now, the issue remains unresolved, and some drivers have argued that this uncertainty is not beneficial for F1.

Hamilton, Norris Weigh on F1 Probe

The first to respond was Lando Norris, who stated he was “not interested in the subject” because “the actual facts are unknown,” before Hamilton echoed the sentiment, while admitting it “weighs heavily on the sport.”

“It’s difficult to respond to this question, and in fact, I think we always need to do more to ensure that the sport and the environment people work in feel safe and inclusive. Every allegation must be taken very seriously.”

“Obviously, we don’t know everything that’s happening, but it needs to be resolved as it weighs on the sport.”

“And it will be really interesting to see how this will change things in the future, and see in terms of effect what it may or may not have on the sport.”

“I think this is a really important moment for the sport to ensure we remain true to our values.”

Horner F1 Investigation Impact 2024. Horner F1 Investigation Impact 2024.


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