Gasly Confidence Alpine Challenge f1 2024

Gasly’s Confidence Amid Alpine’s Steep Climb


Amid Alpine F1’s challenging start, Pierre Gasly’s unwavering confidence highlights the team’s commitment to overcoming early obstacles.

Alpine F1 does not anticipate an easy season start, as its drivers and management have repeatedly mentioned. The narrative remains unchanged on the eve of free practice, with Pierre Gasly affirming that it will take time before the team shows performance.

“I think we know where we stand,” Gasly asserts, maintaining confidence in his team. “We are roughly where we expected to be, starting with a new car concept. We mentioned at the launch that patience was necessary.”

“We recognize the work ahead, believing there’s potential to be harnessed from this car, which unfortunately wasn’t possible from the first race. I have faith in the team and its members to find the solution that will bring us the competitiveness we all seek.”

“I know everyone has worked incredibly hard, with positive changes happening behind the scenes that might not directly reflect on the track, but there are many positive shifts within the team. I believe progress will come.”

“Obviously, we are not where we want to be in terms of the car’s balance and performance, and we don’t feel as comfortable as we would have liked, but what will be crucial for us in the early weeks is to really identify all the car’s weaknesses that we have and to unlock the potential we need to.”

“Nobody rejoices” over difficult starts

And the Frenchman confirms the team is behind its initial schedule: “Yes, we’ve missed some targets in terms of timing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve them at some point in the season.”

“As a competitive team, no one rejoices over a difficult start. It wasn’t the plan, but it’s the situation we find ourselves in, and we’re facing it together, as a team.”

For Esteban Ocon, the only hope seems to lie in the updates that are to come: “The first race isn’t necessarily indicative of the entire season. We’ll be incorporating new parts into the car, but it’s very possible we won’t start exactly where we wish.”

“It’s something we’ve always discussed since the beginning of the launch. It’s a new concept, and we have a lot to learn. With our car, we’re starting from a blank slate, where we see better prospects for this car and better progression rates.”

Ocon laments the alarmist talk and refuses to be demotivated: “We don’t know for sure. You portray it as the worst-case scenario. It’s a possibility, because we don’t have a comparison with others. But it’s not over.”

“There are still opportunities to play for this year. And I must continue to push. Because if you start as low as this, and with the way you’re talking, I could just give up and leave the paddock right now. But no, that’s not who I am.”

Gasly Confidence Alpine Challenge f1 2024 . Gasly Confidence Alpine Challenge f1 2024 .


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