Magnussen's Final Push for Haas F1 Success

Magnussen’s Final Push for Haas F1 Success


Kevin Magnussen aims for podium finishes at Haas F1, marking his determined return to maximize the team’s potential.

Kevin Magnussen hopes to achieve more with Haas F1 before his departure from the team. Having joined the team in 2017, was sidelined at the end of 2020, and returned at the beginning of 2022, Magnussen is keen to maximize the team’s potential.

“I’ve certainly invested a lot in this team,” Magnussen stated. “I’ve been here almost from the start and have unfinished business. I aim to reach the podium with this team and witness a culmination of all our efforts. We’ve faced challenging years, then made a comeback.”

“The team’s success, I feel, is yet to be seen. I’m determined to achieve it. Regarding this year’s driver market, I’m aware there are many drivers at the end of their contracts. But honestly, I haven’t given it much thought.”

Meanwhile, Nico Hülkenberg has expressed frustration over the team’s lack of progress on multiple occasions, noting a driver’s natural impatience.

“Of course, no racing driver is patient,” Hulkenberg remarked. “We always want more, unless we’re winning, and that’s only true for one person. The season starts, and after a few races, a certain dynamic will emerge, revealing whether progress is made or not.”

“It all depends on how the next two weeks unfold. I’m fairly relaxed about it. Obviously, the best thing I can do is perform well, be compelling, give my best, and stand out in that way.”

Magnussen’s Final Push for Haas F1 Success. Magnussen’s Final Push for Haas F1 Success


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