Crucial 2024 Season Looms Tsunoda s Team Transition

Crucial 2024 Season Looms: Tsunoda’s Team Transition


In his pivotal fourth season at Faenza, Yuki Tsunoda eyes advancement to the main team, yet refrains from setting specific goals. Emphasizing performance, he underscores the significance of self-improvement and teamwork for success.

Yuki Tsunoda understands that the 2024 season will be pivotal for his future. The RB F1 driver is in his fourth season at Faenza and hopes to move up to the main team. However, he hasn’t set any specific goals for the upcoming season yet.

“No, not at the moment,” Tsunoda reveals. “In any case, we know that everything is related to performance. If the results are good, we know something will automatically come of it.”

“But for now, we need to focus on ourselves first. We’ve had a busy off-season, so we’re still getting used to that and we need to rebuild the process to start properly. We’ll see how things go.”

Now facing Daniel Ricciardo, whom he outperformed last year in all of their seven matchups, Tsunoda acknowledges he has much to learn from his teammate: “He has something I don’t, which is self-control – he’s really good at that, and it’s something teams value.”

“That kind of self-control is very important, so I’m just learning from it and I think with Daniel, we all know the positives: he’s fast, he’s won several Grand Prix, and he definitely feels much more comfortable with our car compared to others.”

“So, he’s back in top form, but I like that, I enjoy having this challenge and a fast driver. At the same time, we share our opinions on improvements to the car, and as teammates, we work well together. I’m sure everything will be fine. F1 is our life, and the main competitor is your teammate.”

Crucial 2024 Season Looms: Tsunoda’s Team Transition. Crucial 2024 Season Looms: Tsunoda’s Team Transition


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