Red Bull Jeddah Victory f1 2024

Verstappen’s Masterful Jeddah Win


Red Bull Racing continued their formidable form in Jeddah, securing another one-two finish and leading the points table early in the season.

Red Bull once again dominated the competition in Jeddah, a week following an initial one-two finish of the season. The team has already amassed 87 points in just two races, with Max Verstappen contributing 51 of those points. The Dutchman expressed his contentment with experiencing such a solid race, which he led without much trouble.

“It’s been a fantastic weekend, for both the team and myself. I felt really comfortable with the car during the race. The final stint was longer than anticipated due to the safety car, and it became slippery towards the end while overtaking backmarkers, but everything went smoothly,” Verstappen stated.

“I didn’t want to do such a long stint on those tires, but we had to, and the window wasn’t ideal, so it was a bit tricky,” Verstappen continued, before explaining that the race was still challenging: “It’s early in the season, there are a lot of G-forces, and it was very physical.”

Sergio Pérez finished second in the race, unable to challenge his teammate, but well ahead of Charles Leclerc: “We’ve made good progress, it’s just a pity we didn’t start from the front row because I had a good start. Unfortunately, Charles managed to stay ahead, and the race was compromised by the safety car because we had to do a very long stint.”

“It was tricky at times, especially at the beginning because the tires wouldn’t warm up and it was slippery. But it’s a great day for the team, a very different circuit from Bahrain, and we’re just as fast. We need to keep up this momentum, I’ve made a step forward but I need to continue and my time will come.”

Red Bull Jeddah Victory f1 2024. Red Bull Jeddah Victory f1 2024.


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