Bearman Ferrari Saudi GP

Bearman Secures 7th in Saudi GP for Ferrari


Oliver Bearman impresses with a 7th place finish at the Saudi Arabian GP, showcasing talent and determination in his Ferrari debut.

Oliver Bearman fulfilled his contract for Ferrari, finishing seventh at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, among the other British drivers in the field.

His performance was remarkable for the 18-year-old, who was pleased with himself at the finish but visibly exhausted.

“A bit tired. As you can see, I’m not at my best. It was an incredible race; I pushed until the end. I was amazed at how fast we were going, getting quicker with each lap.”

“It was fantastic, especially towards the end when the two guys on softs (Norris and Hamilton) were catching up to me; I couldn’t relax. I was always looking in my mirrors, pushing hard, but it was a really exciting and fun race.”

What did he feel during those final laps with points at stake?

“The countdown seemed to go slower than usual. I think we managed it very well. Lewis and Lando weren’t really closing the gap, and I felt like I had a bit of a margin in case I needed it. I set my fastest lap on the very last one.”

“I was improving throughout the race until the end of that tough stint, and once I knew what the car could do, I felt I could really attack.”

“Magnussen used his experience to keep me behind, and there’s a bit more to it in F1 to overtake than in F2, but once I got past him, I was able to show my pace.”

“It’s just very hard to follow, especially for me. I had never followed F1 cars before, and coming so close to the walls, being a constant second ahead or a second behind is challenging.”

Carlos Sainz was back in the paddock today after his appendicitis surgery, confirming his presence in Melbourne in two weeks.

Bearman Ferrari Saudi GP f1 2024. Bearman Ferrari Saudi GP f1 2024.


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