Red Bull F1 Dominance in 2024 Jenson Button's Prediction

Button Foresees Continued Red Bull F1 Dominance


Jenson Button predicts ongoing dominance for Red Bull in next year’s F1 season. The 2009 champion believes Max Verstappen and his team will maintain their leading position after a stellar 2023 season.

Jenson Button doesn’t see how Red Bull could relinquish their title as the top team next year. The 2009 World Champion is convinced that Max Verstappen and the Milton Keynes team will remain the benchmark in 2024, following a record-breaking season in 2023, where the team clinched 21 victories in 22 races.

“Red Bull will be at the forefront again next year,” Button told AFP.

“They had a strong car last year and have been able to work on this year’s car.”

Yet, Button remains optimistic, believing that this does not preclude an interesting season and on-track spectacle, as in his view, last year’s dominance was not overwhelming.

“The thing is, if you just look at the race results, you think, ‘Oh Max Verstappen has won again.’ But when you really watch the races, there have been some incredible ones this year.”

“Max didn’t have it all his own way. He finished on top, but there were some great battles this season. I’ve enjoyed this year. Would I like to see more people win? Yes, of course. But that’s not the case yet.”

Red Bull F1 Dominance in 2024: Jenson Button’s Prediction. Red Bull F1 Dominance in 2024: Jenson Button’s Prediction

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