Norris s Self-Critical McLaren Journey F1 2024
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Button: Norris’s Self-Critique Hinders Progress


In his latest observations, Formula 1 legend Jenson Button critically examines Lando Norris‘s self-critical McLaren journey, spotlighting Norris’s habit of overanalyzing and doubting himself. This tendency, Button argues, is a significant obstacle in Norris’s progression as a driver for the McLaren team, despite Norris’s commendable achievement of 13 podiums without a win.

Jenson Button believes Lando Norris is overly critical of himself. “He overanalyzes and worries about not being good enough.” Button feels that Norris’s self-criticism is a limiting factor in his progress as a McLaren driver.

Throughout 2023, Norris has been openly self-critical about his performances, sometimes expressing dissatisfaction even after achieving podium finishes.

However, Button views Norris’s self-perception as an unfair assessment of his skills. Norris has now reached 13 F1 podiums without a win, equalling Button’s record before his first victory in 2006.

“Lando is an exceptional talent, truly. I’ve watched him since he first took the wheel in F1, which was in Hungary, while I was racing for McLaren,” Button reflects.

“The speed at which he grasped F1 is astonishing. He’s a deep thinker, and at times, this hinders him because he overanalyzes and doubts his adequacy.”

“But he is more than adequate. He’s outstanding, and I’m eager to see him in a F1 car that’s competitive enough to fight for victories.”

Regarding Norris’s potential for a first victory, Button acknowledges the difficulty given the current dominance of a particular driver and team.

“It’s challenging with the current dynamics, with Red Bull’s dominance and Max’s as well. So, knowing that a second place is somewhat of an achievement under these conditions is important. But we hope it won’t last forever.”

“He won’t leave the sport just because he’s not winning races. He’ll stay, continue fighting for victories, and neither his desire nor his motivation will fade.”

“He still has to outperform his teammate and the rest of the grid. Yes, it’s tough when one team dominates for years, but things change.”

“We’ve seen shifts with Mercedes. I didn’t think anyone could beat them for the next decade. But Red Bull did. We must remain hopeful. McLaren is on the right track.”

Norris’s Self-Critical McLaren Journey F1 2024. Norris’s Self-Critical McLaren Journey F1 2024.

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