Bottas Values James Key s Insight F1 2024
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Bottas Embraces James Key’s Unique Views in F1 Shift


In the realm of Formula 1, where strategy and speed intersect, Valtteri Bottas values James Key’s insight, bringing a fresh perspective to the Stake F1 Team. Bottas, a skilled Finnish driver, recognizes the unique viewpoints of Key, the team’s newly appointed technical director. This alliance signifies a crucial transformation in the team’s approach, preparing them for the competitive landscape of the 2024 season.

Valtteri Bottas values ‘different perspectives’ of James Key. The new Stake F1 Technical Director brings his expertise to the table. Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish driver, expresses confidence in his team, Stake F1 Team, to make significant progress in 2024. He has had the opportunity to work alongside James Key, the team’s new technical director, and is impressed by the British engineer’s mindset.

“Given where we are as a team, it was probably good to get different views from different people, and James has been great,” Bottas stated.

“He has already found different paths and ways to exploit the new car, and our team has some quite good people from other teams, from bigger teams, who are working in the aerodynamics department, so we just have people who can think a bit outside the box.”

Bottas is also pleased to see changes happening within the team, evolving its structure: “Some people have left, others have come. People have shifted roles, even within the engineering team.”

“We’ve undergone a restructuring in the team that few people are probably aware of. It was necessary. We needed to change things, and change is a good thing. That’s what we needed. That’s why I’m hopeful for this year.”

Though he tries to maintain a neutral driving style, he explains he has some preferences: “I want to control the car the way I want, with a bit of understeer, and it’s often tricky, so I’m definitely a bit more pointed in terms of car behavior.”

Bottas Values James Key’s Insight

Furthermore, Bottas notes that the C43 of 2023 didn’t pose a setup issue, but the problem was performance: “In terms of setup, last year’s car was pretty good.”

“We didn’t have big handling issues, and sometimes the driving felt almost too good. I was asking for stiffer and lower tires, but it wasn’t really a problem with the car. The handling and balance were to my liking.”

“It was rather the pure performance that was lacking. Last year, to match others’ straight-line speed, we often had to use a lower wing. That means less downforce, so we were a bit lacking in efficiency.”

The Finn hopes for more aerodynamic downforce in his disposal: “Ultimately, with today’s cars, that’s what you have to do. You need to maximize downforce. Whether it impacts driving or handling, the car will always be faster.”

Bottas acknowledges that his team’s 2024 F1 car “will be very different” and presents “an unknown in terms of handling. I will always take the charge and try to deal with it. It’s an interesting time, always when you’re working with a new car and new concepts, so I have a lot of hope for the new season.”

Bottas Values Key’s Insight f1 2024. Bottas Values Key’s Insight f1 2024.

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