F1 Team Name Changes What Does Jenson Button Think

Button Critiques F1 Team Name Changes


Jenson Button, 2009 F1 World Champion, expresses confusion and criticism over the recent trend of Formula 1 teams constantly changing their names, a situation he deems ridiculous and complicated.

The Englishman finds the situation ridiculous, first with the former AlphaTauri team.

Visa Cash App RB, that’s the new name. But what comes next? It’s ridiculous. They say a name will impose itself among the media and fans. I’m waiting to see.”

The team is already using the unofficial acronym “V-CARB” internally.

“Too complicated. Racing Bulls would be more appropriate since it’s the company’s name.”

When asked how he should call Red Bull’s second team on TV this year, Button smiled: “Exactly as we’re asked to call it. Let’s wait and see!”

And for the Stake F1 Team, the connection with gambling “puts everyone in a tricky situation,” according to Button. “I don’t know if Sauber will impose itself but their simpler name might at least prevail among fans.”

Michael Schmidt, correspondent for Auto Motor und Sport, also finds the new name of Sauber “ridiculous.”

Indeed, the Swiss-based team is listed in the FIA’s entry list under the name: “Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber.”

“This is how Formula 1 becomes a laughing stock,” writes Schmidt.

“Imagine these tongue-twisters in the results lists. Or in TV commentaries. No one remembers them. Personally, I won’t call the teams like that. For me, they are still Sauber and Toro Rosso. Because that’s their origin.”

“I find it pathetic that the FIA and Formula 1 management play along with this bad new habit of constant name changes. Tradition is an important marketing element in any sport.”

“If Real Madrid became Emirates Madrid or Bayern Munich became Qatar Airways Munich, the fans would revolt. And rightly so. Because a part of their identity would be lost.”

As for Button, he admits that the marketing teams of Sauber and Red Bull are at least clever.

“People are talking about it, right? So that’s good. It has obviously helped to get people talking.”

F1 Team Name Changes What Does Jenson Button Think. F1 Team Name Changes What Does Jenson Button Think

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