Alonso Critiques AMR24 Simulator F1 2024

Alonso Identifies AMR24 Flaw in Aston Martin Simulator


In a rare occurrence, Fernando Alonso openly criticizes his car’s flaw, discovered through Aston Martin‘s F1 simulator. His insights from the simulator experience may reshape AMR24’s performance in the upcoming season.

“The most noticeable place is turn 6, then you shift up and turn right into turn 7. The steering is quite heavy and it takes a bit of time,” Alonso explains in a video from his team.

We remember that in 2022, an evolution of the Alpine A522 did not suit the Spaniard, who specifically complained about the steering not suiting him. This is a point he is particularly keen to improve, and he explains how the simulator plays a crucial role in this.

“When you’re in the simulator, concentration is the most important thing. You have to be very precise in every lap you do and in all the feedback you give to the engineers.”

“You have to repeat the same lap every time. This precision, this concentration you need to have here in the simulator is quite extreme and it must be, I think, similar to the real car, obviously.”

Aston Martin’s Final Pre-Season Tests

Currently, Aston Martin is conducting the final tests before the start of the season: “Everyone is excited and everything is going well, which is the most important thing. We are focusing on the position of the seat, pedals, and harnesses.”

“We are trying to meet all of FIA’s requirements in terms of legality checks and others, so it’s a completely normal procedure at this stage of the year. You have to think that there are some circuits that are completely different, maybe Monza and Monaco, which are completely opposite in terms of requirements.”

“So you have to think ahead about the pedal position you want, the height you want for the view when you’re sitting in the cockpit, and try to find a position that meets all the requirements of the season.”

Alonso Critiques AMR24 Simulator F1 2024 . Alonso Critiques AMR24 Simulator F1 2024

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