Alonso Aston Martin Revival How Fernando Shook up F1

Alonso’s Aston Martin Miracle


Fernando Alonso‘s 2023 season with Aston Martin F1 marked a miraculous turnaround. Excelling as a two-time world champion, he revitalized the team, earning high praise from director Mike Krack.

Alonso performed miracles by joining Aston Martin F1 in 2023, having an excellent season both for the team and as a two-time world champion. His director, Mike Krack, praises Alonso’s contribution and his career revival with the team, after replacing Sebastian Vettel who was ending his career there.

“Sebastian was obviously at the end of his,” Krack recalled. “He had decided to stop. For Fernando, the situation was different. He saw this as a new challenge. Many drivers go to smaller teams and try to take what they can until the end of their career.”

“That’s not what we saw with Fernando. In fact, it was quite the opposite. We had a driver who you might have thought was in his first season. He was full of energy, not only to push us forward but also to push himself forward.”

“He really set an example by being the first to arrive at the office. This example influenced the team, pushed it, and we have a much better team today than 12 months ago.”

“Obviously, it’s also the merit of others, not just Fernando, but it allowed us to improve much, much more than we would have if he hadn’t been there.”

A Team “Stronger than 12 Months Ago”

The Luxembourgish director is pleased to see Alonso be a driving force for Aston Martin F1, through his behavior, and also how the Spaniard takes the positive signals from the team and turns them into additional motivation.

“It’s very good for the team, and it also creates a great trust between the team and the driver, and vice versa, and the drivers feel it. Drivers are very, very sensitive sensors. They can sense the slightest vibrations within the team.”

“I think Fernando feels very comfortable in this team because he senses this trust we have, and no one ever doubts what he does, and it works both ways.”

Krack also praises the relationship between Alonso and his teammate Lance Stroll, which he believes helps the team continue its progress: “We always look at what the teammate is doing, how he behaves, how he manages things.”

“But we have all learned a lot: we need to continue, stick to what we know, not try to invent things, but stick to our data, to analysis, and move forward from there. And they are excellent teammates.”

“They talk a lot – how to improve here, how to improve there, how to drive here, how to drive there. So I think they really helped each other and, once again, as a team and with our drivers, we are much stronger today than we were 12 months ago.”

Alonso Aston Martin Revival: How Fernando Shook up F1. Alonso Aston Martin Revival: How Fernando Shook up F1

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