Piastri McLaren Australian GrandPrix

Piastri’s Home GP: McLaren’s Australian Hope


As McLaren F1 gears up for their first home Grand Prix in Australia, all eyes are on Oscar Piastri. With high hopes and a competitive car, Piastri is set to impress his home crowd.

The upcoming Australian Grand Prix marks McLaren F1’s first home Grand Prix, as it indeed will be Oscar Piastri’s race.

And, unlike last year, the Australian will enter his Grand Prix with very good chances of achieving an excellent result. With a competitive McLaren MCL38 and more than a year of racing experience, Piastri aims to perform well in front of his home crowd.

Andreas Stella, the team’s director, is aware of this and plans to “protect” Oscar Piastri during his home event in Australia next week.

“In general, this year, we are paying more attention to the drivers’ program during a race weekend.”

“We want to ensure that the drivers have time to focus on their performance, rest periods, relaxation needs, etc.”

“We will indeed apply the same approach but with even more caution for Melbourne.”

“There are numerous requests for Oscar, some of which we will accept and others we will have to decline to protect him, to deliver the expected performance, and we will not allow him to be overly distracted by too many commitments.”

Piastri McLaren Australian GrandPrix. Piastri McLaren Australian GrandPrix


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