Hamilton Final Mercedes Season

Hamilton’s Final Mercedes Season: Cherishing Moments


Lewis Hamilton aims to savor his last season with Mercedes F1, focusing on creating memorable moments before his move to Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton is determined to continue enjoying the final good moments with Mercedes F1 in his last season with the team.

Hamilton will leave Mercedes after 12 seasons at the end of the year to join Ferrari in 2025, thereby concluding a partnership that has secured 82 race wins and six world championships to date.

However, Mercedes F1 does not appear to be in contention for world titles at the moment, nor even race victories, as evidenced by the first two races of the 2024 season, in which Hamilton finished seventh and ninth, but Hamilton still hopes to leave on a high note.

“It’s simply about how we approach our processes.”

“It’s about how we work together as a team. We didn’t win the championship last year, but finishing second was a real triumph for us, with a car we also really struggled to fight with to be in the top three in the Drivers’ Championship.”

“Obviously, I was far from first, but there were still many internal ‘victories’ last year, and it’s really about giving it our all and knowing we’ve left nothing behind.”

“Then, it’s about enjoying those moments, every moment I live with the team in the garage, or during qualifying and just being present, 100%.”

“I think it’s easy in life not to be present, to be distracted by all these other things, but I really enjoy getting involved and working with this group and nothing seems to have really changed despite them knowing I would be leaving.”

“I still feel a lot of love here and I want to give back as much as possible. If those good moments are finishing 2nd or 3rd, then those will be our victories while we await better for the team.”

Hamilton Final Mercedes Season Hamilton Final Mercedes Season


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