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Norris Urges F1, FIA to Prioritize Driver Health


Lando Norris calls on Formula 1 and the FIA to address driver health in technical rule-making, highlighting long-term issues caused by ground-effect vehicles.

Lando Norris has expressed his desire for Formula 1 and the FIA to consider the health of drivers when setting technical regulations. The McLaren F1 driver points out that discomfort from ground-effect cars will pose long-term issues.

“Could the situation be better, and was it better a few years ago with the older cars? I’m 100% sure of it,” said the Briton. “There are certainly people who think it’s not that bad and that it was worse many years ago, etc.”

Norris Calls for Health Focus

“But I think times have changed. We complain about certain things, but some complaints are justified, for our own bodies and for safety and health.”

“There are areas for improvement, and it needs to be done somewhat because teams build the fastest cars and we drive them, but there are times when it starts to take its toll, even if it’s certainly not as bad as two years ago.”

The FIA introduced technical directives to reduce porpoising last year, but the issue also lies in the fact that cars are running too low, as the British driver recalls.

“Things have improved since the porpoising, but we still have to run the cars extremely low and stiff. It’s a real burden. I still struggle a lot with my body, my back, and all these things. I have to do a lot now, which wasn’t the case a few years ago.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s directly due to the car. But I think things need to be improved in the long term, especially if I’m to stay here for many years. We want to slightly improve the cars and make them more akin to what they were a few years ago.”

Norris F1 Driver Health. Norris F1 Driver Health


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