Tsunoda Red Bull Bid

Tsunoda’s Bid for Red Bull Seat via RB F1 Performances


Yuki Tsunoda targets a Red Bull Racing seat, aiming to impress through his RB F1 results and attract other team offers.

Yuki Tsunoda aims to persuade Red Bull to give him a chance through his performances at RB F1. The Japanese driver is confident that shining this year could win him favor not only with the energy drink giant’s premier team but also with other teams.

However, even if he received offers from other outfits, notably Aston Martin, which will switch to Honda power units in 2026, Tsunoda’s hope is to secure a spot with Red Bull Racing.

“As a driver, gaining interest from other teams would be fantastic; it would mean I’m progressing, achieving good results, and being valued by other teams,” Tsunoda remarks. “So, that’s obviously my goal. And, of course, Red Bull would be the priority.”

According to Tsunoda, the best way to convince a top team is by proving his worth on the track. He hopes this approach will yield multiple offers, allowing him to choose the best among them.

“But that’s actually what I’m aiming for because it’s better to have choices. Being adaptable is good for negotiation, so overall, it’s also better for me. For that, one must demonstrate their true value on the track. Therefore, I’m focusing on what I can do there.”

Tsunoda Red Bull Bid.Tsunoda Red Bull Bid


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